Bolivia:Used autos older than 4 years are prohibited by the Bolivian government

China:Only new autos are allowed. (Shanghai) Consignee must have the import license in order to import new automobile into Shanghai.

Egypt:(Damietta, and Alexandria): New Vehicles Only – No autos over 1 year old. (Port Said only) No autos over 10 years old.

Haiti:No Autos Allowed.

Iraq:No autos over 2 years old.

Kuwait:No autos over 5 years old.Individuals cannot import more than one auto at a time. If there are multiple autos on the b/lit needs to be consigned to a company.

Libya:No car is accepted to be exported to Libya if its manufacturing year is more than 5 (five) years old.Other heavy vehicles, forklifts, tractors and trucks to be accepted for export to Libya if its manufacturing year is no more than 7 years old.In addition: no (used automobiles & heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors or forklifts)to be discharged at Tripoli port.OK to discharge at Elkhoms , Misurata and Benghazi.All vehicles must be in good condition, not damaged and drivable, no salvaged material.

Lebanon:(Beirut): No autos over 8 years old.(Pick-up trucks running on gasoline there are no restrictions) (Diesel engine pick-up trucks subject to 5 yr age limit & payload should be at least 3.5 tons)

Pakistan:no autos over 3 years old, exclusion: if customer provides a written confirmation at the time booking and on the BL that “CARGO IN TRANSIT TO AFGHANISTAN” then there are any autos/vehicles/cars restrictions.

Paraguay:No autos over 10 years old.

Russia (Taganrog): No autos allowed.

Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Damman, Riyadh, Yambu, etc.):Regular passenger autos, buses and light trucks must not be more than 5 years old and heavy transportation trucks must not be more than 10 years old.Also any damaged, salvaged, dented or previously used vehicles for police or taxi services are prohibited.

Syria:No autos allowed.

Tunisia (Tunis & Sfax):No autos or ATV’s (except new vehicles’ shipped by a brand concessionaire to a Tunisian brand concessionaire or diplomatic auto).


According to the circular, below categories are banned:

  • Cars which are technically unfit for driving (see definition attached)
  • Car Chassis
  • Cars converted to left hand driving

Used cars that do not fall in the above category can be imported

Dominican Republic:No vehicles over 5 years old.

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