For peace of mind, insure your vehicle with cargo insurance

Atlantic Express recommends to insure all vehicles even the ones with existing damage.

Vehicle insurance can be added on AEC client portal or you can request AEC branch from which the vehicle will be shipped to add insurance, [branch contacts here](/contact-us/).

Vehicle valueTotal loss (stranding cover + theft)Full cover
Up to $4,000$45.00$55.00
$4,000 - $8,000$65.00$75.00
Above $8,0000.75%1%

Stranding Cover + Theft/ or Total Loss Insurance covers only total loss (damages will not be covered).

Full Cover Insurance – vehicles must be less than 15 years old1 and in good condition.

Insuring conditions

In general

Claims procedure

Additional Documents

  1. If the vehicle is less than 15 years old and has some damages, we can still get Full Cover Insurance for the non-damaged parts. ↩︎