Vehicle Delivery

Local Vehicle Pickup and Delivery to AEC

AEC Dispatch vehicle pickup and deliveries

In cases when the yard is full and cars can’t be picked up and delivered because of the lack of space, we cannot guarantee timely pick up within 3 business days and cover applicable storage fees that are charged by the auction.

Self-Delivery vehicle entry and deliveries

These rules and conditions must be obeyed in order to receive customer self-dispatched cars by our facilities otherwise vehicles may be refused:

  1. Customer must verify if a particular yard is open for deliveries, has available space and that all shipping conditions have been confirmed (example: has to have all export approved before car is dispatched. paperwork, nocars without titles, shipping instructions completed, required power of attorney provided and etc.) All Atlantic Express Corp. facilities contacts are listed on the website
  2. Arriving cars must be entered in Atlantic Express Corp. client portal before deliveries to the loading yard. (Please choose option : Will arrange trucking by myself” in the Trucking field and destination port). If you need help accessing client portal email:
  3. Drivers must be able to refer who’s car they are delivering and must provide vin# so we could retrieve car and customer info from the system.
  4. Customer /customer’s dispatch must Inform drivers to call delivery office in advance to arrange and get special delivery/parking instructions if there are any. Drivers usually do not even check in - they are parking trucks on the street regardless traffic restrictions what causes local police to be involved.
  5. Please notify drivers that vehicles are accepted in the yards on the ” first come first serve “ basis and delays are expected if more trucks will come at the same time however Atlantic Express Corp . dispatched cars will be to be unloaded as priority.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation as we work hard to pick up and ship your vehicles in a timely manner. If you have any questions regarding situation in each yard please contact the yard directly. All contact info is listed on the website

Atlantic Express Corp. Management